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September 10th, 2011

“Should I buy 1 wick or 2 wick candle?”

This is a common question.  For example, Yankee Candle makes 1 wick jars and 2 wick tumblers.  Village Candle only makes jars with 2 wicks.  Below is what I learned so far.

Yankee Candle

  • Large Jar (1 wick) 22 oz (110 to 150 hours of fragrance).
  • Tumbler (2 wick) 22 oz (70 to 90 hours of fragrance).

Both jars and tumblers have identical wax (chemistry is same, scent is same).  The only difference is that tumbler has 2 wicks and different packaging.  I think the wicks on tumblers may be slightly thinner, but it’s hard to compare them visually.

With Yankee Candle, it becomes a basic science.  Tumblers burn wax faster with 2 wicks, hence, more scent will be generated.  Some people say “Yankee Candle put inferior wax in the jars” or “Tumblers have better throw (stronger smell)”.  People who say that don’t understand basic science, so I will not argue with them.  For most of us, it’s a common sense.

So, which is better, 1 wick or 2 wick?  It comes down to your preference.  I like jars (1 wick) because I have a small place, I like the look of the jars, and I like longer burning hours.

People who like to enjoy stronger scent would burn tumblers.  But, in my case, if I want more scent, I will burn 2 jars instead of 1 tumbler.  This way, I have more flexibility.  But, because of small size of my place, I have never felt the need for stronger scent so far.


Village Candle

All Village Candle’s jar candles come with 2 wicks.   Their 26 oz jars (with 2 wicks) will burn for 145-170 hours.   One noticeable difference with Village Candle is that their wicks are very thin.  So, thinner wicks will create smaller fires.  With 2 thin wicks Village Candle will quickly create shallow but wide pool of wax.  I like that design.


* One advantage of 2 wicks candles is that you don’t suffer “tunneling effect” as much (candles burning down the middle, leaving unused wax around).  Personally, I never had tunneling issue with any of my 1 wick candles.   You can watch my live video.  All my jar candles melt evenly without tunneling problem.  I believe you can avoid tunnel effect if you burn your candles properly.

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